2 Steps To Planning A Great Halloween Party On A Tight Budget

18 October 2017
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Now that Halloween is quickly approaching, you may wish that you could throw a great holiday party for your friends and family, but feel like you don't have the room in your budget to purchase all of your party essentials. Or, you may be planning a small Halloween party, but wish you could afford to throw a larger one that would allow you to expand your guest list. 

If you would like to throw a large Halloween party, yet are on a tight budget, read on to learn two steps to planning a party on a shoestring budget. 

1. Rent Party Essentials Instead of Purchasing Them

While you may not have the funds to have your Halloween party catered, you may wish you had access to all of the equipment a catering company has, such as a buffet table; chafing dishes that keep hot food warm while it is out on the table; and tiered cupcake stands to display your homemade Halloween-themed cupcakes on; and, if the weather is still warm in your area of the country, tables, chairs, and tents that you can set up outdoors to allow your guests to enjoy the nice weather as they enjoy their meal and treats. 

Of course, purchasing all of these items would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. However, you may not realize that many companies that sell equipment to catering companies also provide catering rentals to the general public.

In addition to party essentials, many even rent out decorations of all types. You may be surprised at the array of spooky Halloween decorations your local catering rental company offers that can even help you keep your party decoration budget super low. 

2. Ask Guests To BYOB

Many people who don't throw parties often think that they have to have all of their guests' favorite adult beverages on hand during their party to be considered good hosts. Since alcohol can be expensive, you may have immediately dismissed the ability to afford to throw a great Halloween party based on this expense alone. 

However, you will be happy to hear that it is commonplace to add BYOB to guest invitations, which means Bring Your Own Beverage. Don't think that asking your guests to bring their own beverages will insult them. Most guests are happy to bring their favorite beverages since they know the party hosts have dedicated so much time to planning a great party and have already spent cash on party food and supplies. 

If you would like throw a large Halloween party, but don't think you can afford to, then keep these two tips in mind for throwing a great Halloween bash on a super-low budget.