Throw an Awesome Birthday Party for Adults by Renting Fun Inflatables for Everyone to Enjoy

18 July 2017
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As adults get older, many people think that their birthday parties become less important and that they do not have to be as much fun as they were when people were younger. That is not the case at all. If you want your friends and family to have a great time at your birthday party, consider renting large inflatables for everyone to play on at the event. The guide below walks you through the process of renting the right inflatables for adults to enjoy.

Ensure the Weight Limit on the Inflatables Suit Your Needs

When renting inflatables for your guests to enjoy during the party, you need to find out what the weight limit is for the inflatables you plan to rent. Inflatables have a maximum weight limit that they can hold. You need to be sure that you rent the inflatables that are designed for the heavy weight of adults and not the light weight of children so that everyone can have fun on the inflatables during the party.

Ensure There Are Multiple Activities to Enjoy

Many companies will give you a discount when you rent multiple inflatables for one event. It is important to schedule the inflatables to be delivered at the same time so that they can be set up in time for the party. Be sure to find out what all of your options are before agreeing to rent any of the inflatables so that you can choose the ones that you know your friends will enjoy the most.

Ensure Everyone Signs a Release of Liability

Before anyone can get on the inflatables, the rental company will require everyone to sign the release of liability forms. The forms simply release the company from liability if they are hurt while on the inflatables. It is basically saying that everyone knows that they are taking a risk when they get on the inflatables and that there is a possibility that they could get hurt.

Ensure You Have Ample Room for the Inflatables

Before renting any inflatables, take the time to find out how much space each inflatable needs. You need to be sure that your account for a few yards of space to be between each inflatable when estimating how much room you will need for them all.

Be sure to book the inflatables long before you will actually need them. This will ensure that you will be able to have them on the exact day that you want the party to be held.