Are You Planning a Fiftieth Anniversary Party for Your Parents?

7 May 2020
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If your mother was a June bride fifty years ago, maybe you are planning a celebration to honor her and your father for their long lives together. Do you have everything planned already? If you are still in the planning stages, perhaps you are looking for some ideas of what will be served at the big event. Since a fiftieth wedding anniversary party will be a large one, does that mean that you'll be hosting it at a banquet hall? Read More 

Prepare A Professional Presentation To Enhance A Business Meeting

5 February 2020
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A spectacular light show that is accompanied by commentary could be the main feature of your business meeting. If you are concerned about your guests' level of attention during a presentation, you may be wary about using an old projector or recording device. Today's technology includes large LED screens, surround sound systems, cordless microphones, and lighting that is suitable for a stage or a backdrop of any size. Seek the equipment needed for the event by contacting a representative of a corporate audiovisual rental company. Read More