Unique Corporate Event Venue Ideas

18 July 2017
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If you're planning a corporate event for your company and want to hold it at a memorable location, you have plenty of options to choose from. When looking for a creative venue for your employee get-together, forget standard conference centers and focus on out-of-the-box locations instead. 

Typical conference centers may have a stale, uninspiring atmosphere, making it difficult to get employees excited and motivated. When picking an event venue that stands apart from the rest, consider whether you want to stay local, or if you're willing to pay for your employees' travel and lodging expenses. In many cases, you can find unique venues in resorts or hotels, making it easy to coordinate both the venue space and accommodations at the same time. 

Here are some inspired venue ideas, like DEER MOUNTAIN EVENTS, to consider for your next corporate event:

1. Art Museum or Gallery

Immerse conference guests in culture as they mix and mingle and discuss business by hosting the event in a local art museum or gallery. You may be able to rent the entire venue after-hours, as well as set up chairs, tables and other conference necessities, such as lighting and a sound system, in the space.

The artwork will provide a unique backdrop for the corporate event, as well as provide guests with plenty to talk about. 

2. Ski Resort 

Treat your employees to a corporate event they'll never forget by hosting it at a ski resort. You'll find plenty of flexible event space, such as conference rooms and ballrooms, and guests will be entertained on the slopes in between meetings.

Not only will a ski resort provide a stunning setting for your conference, it will also allow co-workers many opportunities to socialize and bond throughout the event.  As another bonus, you can utilize the resort's on-site event services, such as catering, to make the planning process easier. 

3. Country Barn

If you want your corporate event to have a relaxed, casual vibe, a country barn may be the perfect venue. Although a barn has a rustic appeal, it can still have sophisticated touches with exposed wood beams, a manicured lawn or a charming gazebo.

Barns offer plenty of event space to accommodate even large groups, but you can also set up tents on the lawn if you need more room. You can also decorate the venue anyway you'd like, either with farm-inspired hay bale seating elements, or with long, rough-hewn wood tables covered in shabby chic lace tablecloths.