So, You've Picked A Reception Venue... Now, What Layout Should You Choose?

19 July 2017
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When planning a wedding, there are a lot of details to consider and decide on. After you've found (or narrowed the search for) a reception venue, it's time to figure out how you will design the layout. Having the right reception layout will make things run smoother, make setup and teardown easier, and make everyone enjoy the party more. But, there are lots of choices for modern couples.

Here are a few, along with their pros and cons.

Round Tables

Round tables are among the easiest, most available, and least expensive table setup because they're a classic style. Tables typically hold between six and ten guests and are easy to move around for flexibility. They allow comfortable conversation and sufficient foot traffic among them. However, because they're ubiquitous at weddings, they can make things a bit bland and lack visual punch. They may also limit how often people move around for conversation with other guests. 

Family Style

A more modern approach to table seating is growing in popularity: the long, family style table. These tables are typically rectangular tables placed end-to-end so that they form one single, long table. You can add other long table arrangements to accommodate all your guests. Family style seating look great with formal reception styles and with larger gatherings than some other styles. While they're great for leaving plenty of room to maneuver throughout the rest of the wedding reception venue, they can make moving around during the meal difficult. 

Lounge Seating

If you want a fun and eclectic seating arrangement that encourages conversation and mingling, consider ditching the dinner tables and decorating with conversation circles made from regular furniture. This exciting new way to seat guests is made up of randomly-placed furniture groupings of sofas, loveseat, upholstered chairs, beanbags, ottomans and small tables. Obviously this setup is great for getting to know one another, but it's not so great for full dinners or formal, traditional reception decorations. 

Mix It Up

Can't decide on a single style? Just mix it up and use more than one! Combining a few longer, buffet style tables with some round ones increases your flexibility and allows you to seat more guests. And trading out a few tables on the edges for furniture groupings lets the social butterflies at your reception have fun while more traditional guests enjoy their comfort zone. 

No matter what your wedding reception style or taste, modern party design allows you to find the perfect setup for you. And the result will be your perfect day and a great memory for all your guests. 

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