Heading Into An Escape Room? Team Dynamics You Need To Win

20 July 2017
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Escape rooms are often used as corporate team-building exercises. They are fun, exciting, and challenging, and they definitely rely on everyone working together to escape. That said, if you can pick and choose who should be on your team for this adventure, make sure you have all of the following on your team.

The Trivia Buff

The person who knows every trivial detail about the most insignificant stuff is invaluable to this game. There will be clues that require someone knowing something that no one else knows. There is always someone like this in your office, and now is the time to tap his/her trivia skills.

The Pragmatist

Thinking in real terms is this person's skill, and nowhere else does it get put to better use than in an escape room. There is one ultimate goal, and the pragmatist keeps his/her focus on that while keeping a cool head. The pragmatist also thinks things through very carefully and weighs the odds before acting, something you may need to do at some point in the escape room.

The Risk-Taker

You cannot always play it safe in the escape room. You need a risk-taker who is not unwilling to step forward and accept a challenge that seems impossible. The risk-taker is balanced by the pragmatist so that neither goes off to do his/her own thing.

The Optimist/Cheerleader 

This is usually the person that is so happy on a Monday morning you would rather clobber him/her than listen to him/her try to hype you up. While you would probably try to avoid this person at all costs, in an escape room this "Positive Pollyanna" or "Positive Pete" is going to be the one to keep everyone going in order to beat the timer. When it looks like you might fail the exercise, this person will not let anyone give up.

The Leader

There absolutely has to be a leader. This is the person that can easily bring all of the above personalities together in a cohesive formation and get them to work together. It may be you, or it may be someone entirely separate from the rest of the team. Regardless of who it is, you have to find this person very early on in the game, hopefully even before you open the escape room door and step inside to play. If you recognize that you are any of the previous types of people, look for a leader to step forward and follow that person through the game.