Tips For Enjoying A Broadway Show

24 July 2017
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For many people, attending a Broadway show is a highlight of a trip to New York City. Many highly acclaimed shows are performed in theaters on Broadway, so you will have the opportunity to buy tickets for the show that you most want to see. If you will be attending a Broadway show in the near future, use the following tips:

Don't Be Late

It is important to give yourself plenty of time to make it to Broadway. You can easily reach the theaters by taking the subway or the cab. If your tickets are will-call, give yourself extra time to pick them up. Make sure that you also enter the right door—many theaters have separate entrances for orchestra and balcony seating.

Hit the Restroom

You will also want to leave time to use the restroom before the show starts. Many theaters have restrooms that are on the small side, so you may encounter lines to use the facilities. Using the restroom before the show will help ensure that you don't miss any of the performance.

Pay Attention to the Ticket Taker

It is in your best interest to pay careful attention to the ticket taker when you present your ticket. He or she will tell you where your seat is and how to get there. Listening closely can help prevent climbing unnecessary staircases and walking around lost while trying to find your seat. When you arrive at your section, make sure you wait for the usher to seat you. If you don't wait for the usher, you will not receive your program for the show.

Practice Proper Etiquette

Attending a Broadway show is a cultural and artistic experience. Be a good member of the audience by practicing proper theater etiquette. Avoid talking to others and always turn off your cell phone before the show starts. This will ensure that both you and the people sitting around you are able to enjoy the show.

Stay for Curtain Call

While it may be tempting to try to beat the crowds out of the theater when the show is over, it is considered quite rude to leave while the actors are doing their curtain calls. Curtain calls typically only take a few minutes, so stay in your seat until they are over. Have patience while leaving-- their may be some lines to get out of the theater, but the lines typically move quickly once the side doors are opened.