3 Things About Your Wedding Day You May Not Have Known

26 July 2017
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You envisioned your wedding day to be something straight out of a fairytale. Don't worry, you will get your happily ever after, but there might be a bump or two along the way. On your special day, there will be things that happen that you had not planned for, but being able to handle these moments like a pro is important. Here are just some of the unexpected moments you want to plan for.  

You Should Look at More Than One Venue

You can save yourself some stress by looking at more than one venue. When you look at just one venue, you open the door for disappointment. You think you've picked the perfect date for your ceremony, and you have, but there is another couple, or two, out there with the same date and wedding location in mind.

If they're able to secure the venue before you, this can be devastating. Give yourself plenty of options so that you won't be heartbroken if the first place you looked at isn't available when you need it.

You Want to Schedule Some Alone Time

When making plans for the day, schedule a little alone time. This is a great idea just before the ceremony and shortly thereafter before the reception. This is one of the most significant days of your life and having a moment to sit back and take it all in is important.

For instance, in the moments leading up to the ceremony, maybe leaving an extra 10 minutes in the schedule to sit in your dressing area alone is great and another few moments after the ceremony will give you a moment to reflect. With the day moving so fast, you will look back at this and be glad you gave yourself this time.

Leave Plenty of Time for Rest

In the movies, the couple leaves the reception, hops on a plane and heads to their honeymoon destination. You can have this, but it's a great idea to be just a little more realistic. As the adrenaline, anxiety, and excitement of the day begins to wear off, you may feel more exhausted than you have ever felt.

To ensure taking in every moment, leave some time for rest. For instance, if the reception is scheduled to be over at 11:30 at night, avoid the 6:30 am flight. Go for something later so that you two can rest and recoup.  

Your wedding day is your day. So, even if things don't go like everyone else, have confidence that the day went just as it was intended. Take it all in and enjoy the moment with your new spouse.

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