Important Questions To Be Addressed When Touring Wedding Venues

27 July 2017
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One of the first things on your wedding to-do list is locking down the ceremony site. It may not be nearly as fun as trying on beautiful dress after dress until you find the perfect one or tasting 10 different types of cake. But it is necessary because it sets the tone for all of your other wedding tasks, including those two. As you set out to tour your potential wedding venues, you need to take the time to ask a few questions of the site manager. Here are just a few of the questions you need to ask and why they are so important:

Is the venue available on the desired wedding date?

While it may sound like a given, you are not the only one that may be interested in booking the venue for the desired date. If someone else is interested in that same date, and they book it first, you will essentially either need to book a different venue or choose a different date if you are stuck on using that venue for your wedding.

Is there a standard usage/rental fee or is there a donation fee?

You need to know what the rental fee is for the venue because this needs to be allocated into your wedding budget. Now, if you are getting marriage in a church or other place of worship, there likely won't be a standard fee for use, rather you will need to find out about a suggested amount for donation.

Is the space large enough for your estimated guest list? Where is your wedding party going to stand?

The size of the venue is crucial. You likely already have a relatively clear vision of how you want everything to pan on, so make sure the layout and size of the venue align with your vision. If there is limited space at the alter for your wedding party, you may need to see if you can adjust the standing room or rethink locations. If the venue is not large enough for your current guest list, you need to decide which one is more important and either look at different venues that are larger in size to accommodate your guest list or consider trimming your guest list.

Are there any attire restrictions?

As a general rule, this is only going to refer to churches. Depending on the religion, women may be required to cover the shoulders. So, if your wedding dress is sleeveless, you may need to have a cover-up, such as a shawl. The same is true for the bridesmaids and any guests attending your wedding. 

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