How To Choose A Wedding Venue That Won't Break The Bank

29 April 2019
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The cost of having a wedding seems to be getting higher each year. It's not unusual for couples to spend tens of thousands of dollars on what is, essentially, a one-day event. However, not every couple will be able to afford to throw this kind of money at a wedding.

One of the places where a couple can save money on is the venue. If you choose your venue correctly, you could end up spending a lot less than you'd imagine possible. How can you find a wedding venue that won't cost an arm and a leg?

Start by Considering Your Hometown

Assuming your hometown isn't within major cities like New York and Chicago, your hometown is likely to offer a more cost-effective wedding venue. Wedding venues within large cities and urban areas tend to be overpriced like everything else. You could get the same amenities and features, or even better ones if you start exploring venue options outside major urban centers.

Consider Your Local Park

Outdoor spaces can offer an amazing alternative and they don't cost as much as a scenic church or some other purpose-built venue. Even your local park can be transformed into an amazing venue for your wedding if you have the right people to assist. Parks and recreation departments usually rent out these venues for a fee but they're quite reasonably priced. You should also find out if you can be allowed to set up an outdoor tent.

A Venue for the Wedding and the Reception

One of the most expensive mistakes that wedding couples make is choosing different venues for the wedding and the reception. Even if these come as a package deal, you'll still be paying a lot more than you really need to. Choosing a single venue that will work just as well for the wedding and the reception can save you a lot of money.

Choose a Venue that Has Your Look

You can spend a lot of money making a venue that's not quite what you want into something you'll love. But if you choose a venue that's already your style you will save money on decorations. Do you want a flowery outdoor look? Do you prefer an industrial chic wedding? Know this going in so that you can focus on venues that already have what you're looking for.

Consider the Extras

Sometimes it's not the venue that makes the wedding expensive but the catering, hiring a band and PA systems, and hiring the furniture etc. Because of this, it's important to look at the venue in terms of the overall value that it offers.

There are venues that come bundled with extras such as PA systems, portable toilets and other things that you'd otherwise have to hire. Additionally, choosing a hotel or restaurant can also ensure that the catering part of the wedding is taken care of. This can be very cost effective.

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