5 Great Venue Options For An Intimate Wedding

5 October 2021
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Large weddings are becoming a thing of the past. Large weddings cost a lot of money and can put you in debt as you start your new life. Smaller weddings allow you to spend less money and allow for a more personal experience. With a smaller wedding, you have more venue options available to you.

City Hall

The city hall is a traditional location to get married, as there are clerks there who can perform your marriage. Additionally, in most cities, city halls are hosted in historical buildings that are beautiful and great places to get married and can present you with beautiful photos as well.


Another great place to get married if you are looking to hold a more intimate wedding, a park is a great location. A park can work for a small or large wedding. You will want to find a location in the park that has a more intimate feeling, such as a covered patio area. For many parks, you may want to reserve a specific area of the park for your special day. You can hold your ceremony and reception in a park.


Another excellent option for a small wedding is a restaurant. Many restaurants have private rooms that you can use for the wedding and the reception. An advantage of holding your wedding at a restaurant is that you will not need to work with a catering company; the restaurant can make the food for you.

Vacation Rental

There are a lot of beautiful vacation rentals that you could use for your small and intimate wedding. Just be sure to check with the vacation rental owners and make sure that they are okay with you holding a small wedding. You can rent a local vacation rental, or you can go on vacation with a few family members and friends for a special weekend together.

Banquet Hall

Or you can rent a banquet hall. Most banquet halls have different-sized rooms. For a smaller wedding, you can rent one of the smaller banquet halls for your wedding. Most banquet halls have in-house vendors that you can work with for catering for the reception.

If you want a small wedding, there are many smaller wedding venue options from parks to restaurant party rooms to banquet halls that you can use for your venue. With a smaller wedding, you want to look for a more intimate venue.

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