Everything You Need To Know Before Renting Chairs For Your Wedding

10 March 2022
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When planning a wedding, there are many decisions to be made, from the date and the guest list to what to eat and drink. One of the seemingly minor details that are actually quite important is chair rental. No one wants to sit through a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception without comfortable seats. 

Ceremony Chairs

If you decide to get married in a house of worship, the facility will typically have permanent seating installed. If, however, you decide to get married outdoors or in another atypical location, you will need to secure a wedding chair rental. While Chiavari chairs, the ubiquitous faux bamboo chairs often rented for weddings, are readily available, consider other options as well. In fact, renting wood benches or pews is a nice touch for a modern farmhouse wedding. Additionally, your outdoor site may have uneven ground that is not conducive to typical wedding chair rentals. 

Lounge Seating 

One of the more popular trends over the last decade in wedding planning is the addition of lounge seating during the cocktail hour. Sectional sofas, loveseats, and other upholstered furniture are grouped together with residential coffee tables to encourage conversation. Plus, adding casual seating groups in a lounge-like setting allows guests to mingle with each other while you take your wedding photos. Make sure you rent enough for multiple people to sit and not just one or two.  

Reception Chairs

Like chair rental for your ceremony, reception chairs need to be comfortable. Your guests need to sit not only through dinner and dessert, but also multiple speeches and an evening of dancing. You want the seating to be enjoyable, not cramped or unbearable. Elderly guests as well as larger guests especially need comfortable chairs.

Consider renting armless chairs for your reception. Chairs with arms, while they may look pretty, can be a pain point for some guests. Parents of small children will have a tough time pulling the chairs all the way up to the table for their child because arms often do not fit under the table. Furthermore, larger guests may find that the arms create a tight fit.

Finally, consider renting sturdy chairs and ask your rental agent how much weight the chairs can accommodate. Not only do you need to ensure the safety of your larger guests, but you also need to remember that elderly guests may need to use the back of the chair to steady themselves.

While wedding chair rental does involve decisions regarding color, style, and design aesthetics, your primary concern should be the comfort of your guests. 

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